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Curious about what to expect?

Expect to be educated and empowered.

I take great care to explain to you where your illness or health complaint is coming from and the rationale behind each element in your treatment plan. With accurate information, you can make better decisions for your health. 

Expect to have some testing ordered.

The answers are worth the cost in the time and effort saved when creating a targeted, personalized plan.

Expect me to make mind-body connections.

I may ask you questions about your past in order to help you understand the connection between your emotional self and your health struggles. Check out the book I’m writing to learn more!

Expect to invest in supplements.

Sometimes we need to use supplementation to nudge the body in the right direction. When it comes to supplements, quality is worth the extra investment.

Expect to be an active participant in your health.

After all, it’s not what you take, but what you do that has the largest impact on your well-being.

Expect it to take some time.

While sometimes natural medicine can be quick, chronic conditions can take months to resolve. The path to health is not a linear one and involves a multi-layered, multi-step approach for lasting change. It’s worth the wait.



First Appointment

Time: 1 hour

Activity: Questions and physical exam

Result: A personal treatment plan


Follow-up Appointments

Time: 30 minutes

Activity: Check progress, perform therapy

Result: A refined treatment plan

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