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This one’s for the gentlemen out there. Loads of men are looking for natural testosterone boosters, but one of the most effective ways to boost testosterone is through sleep! Good sleep helps your gains in the gym, too, for a multitude of biological reasons, but let’s look at one study.

This scientific study shows that testosterone production increases when you sleep up to 9.9 hours, then it starts to decrease if you sleep longer. It also showed that men with prolonged sleep latency, a.k.a. the time it takes for you to actually fall asleep once you snuggle into bed, is associated with decreased muscle mass, slower walking speed, and decreased grip strength.


sleep to boost testosterone

Everyone wants more sleep these days! The health benefits of a proper night’s sleep are well known.














Moral of the story – let’s start with the basics. Instead of spending loads of money on (sometimes sketchy) testosterone boosters, let’s address the root of the problem and sleep better to boost
testosterone, naturally! Have trouble sleeping? You should probably see someone for that…