Gentle and effective strategies that harness your body's healing mechanisms using a Naturopathic approach

Happy Hormones Program

Exhaustion, Trouble Losing Weight, Adrenal Fatigue or Menopause Symptoms? This Naturopathic hormone balancing program is for you!

We’ll work together to analyze your complete health status, assess any imbalances and deficiencies and put you on a path to hormonal balance with an approach that’s tailored to you.

An appointment with a naturopathic doctor is an in-depth exploration of your health. Instead of leaving with a prescription for a pharmaceutical drug, you will leave with nutritional, lifestyle, and/or supplement recommendations. I will also work my hardest to identify the root of the underlying problem. High blood pressure? We would examine the role of food, exercise and stress before using pharmaceutical medicines.

Your first appointment will be approximately one hour in length where I will learn all about you, perform some preliminary physical exams, and begin your treatment plan. My goal is to spend as much time as necessary to get to the root of your concern, and I have a comprehensive toolbox with which to address your health condition. Then I will create a personal plan to get you back to health.

Follow-up visits will be one hour to 30 minutes in length. In these follow-ups, we will check your progress, refine your treatment plan, and/or perform the therapy chosen for you, such as acupuncture or a chiropractic adjustment.

Like you, your treatment plan is unique and may change over time. Once you start to improve, we can work proactively on prevention. Naturopathic doctors are preventative medicine experts! I like to say I’m a Health Genius, and I can help you be your own Health Genius too!



First Appointment

Time: 1 hour

Activity: Questions and physical exam

Result: A personal treatment plan


Follow-up Appointments

Time: 30 minutes

Activity: Check progress, perform therapy

Result: A refined treatment plan

My Toolkit

Bio-identical Hormones

From menopause to fibroids, BHRT can keep hormones in balance.

Functional Testing

Test, don’t guess! Get targeted answers to feel well sooner.

Asian medicine including acupuncture

Needles and herbs to balance the body’s physiology


Gentle energetic medicine affecting the mental, emotional and physical


Using diet, vitamins and minerals to correct deficiency and restore function


Plant power in the form of teas, tinctures and salves

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