Bioidentical Hormones Toronto

Bioidentical Hormones Toronto

Bioidentical Hormones Toronto

If you are searching for bioidentical hormone therapy in Toronto,
look no further than Dr. Hillary Webster, N.D. She can explain and
help you understand what bioidentical hormone therapy is, and how it
can help you.

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones have the same exact molecular structure as the
ones your body produces. This type of therapy is often called,
“natural hormone therapy”, because your body technically can’t tell
the difference between your body’s own hormones, or the therapy hormones. These
hormones aren’t found in nature but are made or synthesized by
extracting it from a plant, mineral or animal source.

These hormones can be given in several different ways, depending on
their use. They come in several different forms including creams,
gels, injections, implanted capsules or even patches.

The word “natural” can be very confusing to the consumer because it
doesn’t always mean what you think. The definition of natural
basically means it comes from nature, such as a plant, animal or
mineral source.  Bioidentical hormone therapy is used when a body’s
own hormonal system isn’t working properly and is making too much or
too little of a hormone. 

What can you treat with bioidentical hormones therapy?

You can treat several conditions with bioidentical therapy. It is most
commonly used to treat the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.
During perimenopause a woman’s body slowly makes less and less
estrogen. Menopause is when the ovaries no longer release eggs and
they make very little estrogen. The ovaries make both estrogen and

Menopause can be very uncomfortable for some woman and they can
benefit from hormone therapy. If you are looking for a bioidentical
hormone therapy in Toronto, Dr. Hillary Webster, N.D. specializes in
this type of hormone therapy.

She can help you with some of the common menopausal complaints, including:

·         Memory Loss

·         Mood Swings

·         Loss of Energy

·         Problems Sleeping

·         Painful Sex

·         Vaginal Dryness

·         Night Sweats

·         Hot Flashes

·         Weight Gain

Some of the other common conditions hormone therapy can treat are:

·         Fibromyalgia: Is a chronic ailment with wide spread
musculoskeletal discomfort, fatigue, and tenderness in localized

·         Osteoporosis: Is a condition where the bones become brittle
because of the loss of tissue. This can happen because of a calcium or
vitamin D deficit or hormonal changes due to aging.

·         Adrenal and thyroid disorders: These glands produce hormones
that keep your body running smoothly.

·         Insulin resistance: Is a condition that happens when the
body doesn’t respond correctly to the insulin your body produces and
can lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

What are the differences between traditional hormone replacement
therapy and bioidentical hormone therapy?

The main difference is traditional hormones are synthetic and
completely man made  and some are even made from pregnant horse urine.
The hormones are not identical to our bodies produce.

For this reason, women and people in general are turning to a gentler
more natural approach for help.  Bioidentical hormones are chemically
the same as what our body produces and are manufactured from plant
estrogens. Because the bioidentical hormones are a chemical match for
our own hormones some doctors consider them safer.

Bioidentical Hormones Toronto
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Bioidentical Hormones Toronto

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